Moving to a Green Future with the Hydrogen Battery

A revolutionary way for a safe, easy, and cost-efficient transition to an emission-free business.


The Hydrogen Battery in Mobile Applications

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • Easy handling
  • More cost efficient than available alternative storage types
  • High level of safety due to the fragmentation of the energy into many small units
  • Longer range than alternative storage and fuel solutions
  • Instant energy supply: our battery is simply swapped, not charged
  • Small and light energy units, therefore ideally suited for energy-intensive applications

Benefits for the Mobility Sector





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The Hydrogen Battery in Stationary Applications

Industry Sector

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • High level of safety at chemical and industrial sites
  • No special storage tanks required at distribution site
  • Safe, easy, and cost-efficient transport of hydrogen using
    existing infrastructure
  • At-scale deployment possible
  • The hydrogen battery helps industrial companies to use hydrogen as feedstock while keeping the existing business

Heat sector

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • The safest energy storage ever made as the safety function of the complete storage system is multiplied to a thousand times redundancy
  • Easy handling
  • Non-toxic and odorless solution
  • No particles in the air compared to conventional heating
  • Convenient last mile delivery also in rural areas
  • Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution that enables even remote locations to switch to renewables