Moving to a Green Future with the Hydrogen Battery

A revolutionary way for a safe, easy, and cost-efficient transition to an emission-free business.


The Hydrogen Battery in Mobile Applications

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • Easy handling
  • More cost efficient than available alternative storage types
  • High level of safety due to the fragmentation of the energy into many small units
  • Longer range than alternative storage and fuel solutions
  • Instant energy supply: our battery is simply swapped, not charged
  • Small and light energy units, therefore ideally suited for energy-intensive applications

Benefits for the Mobility Sector





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Storage cost

Costs for energy storage per 100 km cruising range

The hydrogen battery is the most cost-efficient energy storage technology

Storage weight

Weight of energy storage device per 100 km driving range

Energy per unit weight

Weight of energy storage device per 100 km driving range

Energy per unit weight

The hydrogen battery is the most light-weight H2 storage compared to existing options and thus represents a quantum leap in energy storage development.


Energy per unit volume

Energy per unit volume

The hydrogen battery offers the best vehicle integration capabilities. This flexibility allows the most-efficient utilization of available package volumes and thus results in the highest driving ranges

Refueling time

Refueling time per 100 km driving range

The hydrogen battery enables the shortest-possible charging time due to battery swap, without any transfer losses.


The Hydrogen Battery in Stationary Applications

Industry Sector

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • High level of safety at chemical and industrial sites
  • No special storage tanks required at distribution site
  • Safe, easy, and cost-efficient transport of hydrogen using
    existing infrastructure
  • At-scale deployment possible
  • The hydrogen battery helps industrial companies to use hydrogen as feedstock while keeping the existing business

Heat sector

The benefits of using the hydrogen battery

  • The safest energy storage ever made as the safety function of the complete storage system is multiplied to a thousand times redundancy
  • Easy handling
  • Non-toxic and odorless solution
  • No particles in the air compared to conventional heating
  • Convenient last mile delivery also in rural areas
  • Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution that enables even remote locations to switch to renewables