A shift away from fossil fuels is vital to limiting temperature increases on the planet, and it will require virtually carbon-free power generation and significant decarbonization in various industries.

Climate change is the biggest threat of our times.

Renewables play a key role in stopping global warming.

The sun provides 5,000 times the amount of emissionfree energy we need to supply industry and society and it’s already cost efficient when produced in geographically advantageous regions – even cheaper than energy made from fossil fuels.

The challenge: to get the renewable energy from where it’s produced to where it’s needed.

The best clean energy carrier – and the universe’s most common element – for storing and distributing renewables is hydrogen. What has been missing is a technology that enables efficient storage, distribution, and integration of the energy into various applications.

The solution: the hydrogen battery – a technology that makes energy transition a reality.

What Makes the Hydrogen Battery So Efficient?

It’s a two-in-one solution that can be used for both the safe and simplified distribution of hydrogen and for energy storage in various applications.

What Makes the Hydrogen Battery So Efficient?

It’s a two-in-one solution that can be used for both the safe and simplified distribution of hydrogen and for energy storage in various applications.

The Advantages of the Hydrogen Supply Chain with H2 Batteries

The hydrogen battery simplifies the supply chain and leads to a cost reduction of hydrogen by up to 40%.

The hydrogen battery makes international and intercontinental transport and the distribution of hydrogen possible over existing infrastructure. It’s therefore ideally suited for sector coupling to meet demand in segments such as mobility and industry.


Current H2 Supply Chain

Hydrogen has to be transferred to multiple storage solutions along the way.


The Advantages of the Hydrogen Battery in Applications


The Safest Energy Storage Solution
Ever Designed

By fragmenting energy into thousands of small units, the safety functions are multiplied to a thousand times redundancy, making our solution safer than electric batteries, conventional fuels, and conventional hydrogen storage systems.


Made-to-Measure Energy Storage

The division of the entire amount of energy into smaller independent units is what makes our system extremely flexible, so that the package space of the respective application can be used optimally.


Instant and Inexpensive Energy

The hydrogen battery is simply
exchanged after use – quickly, safely, and conveniently. By eliminating the need for a complex and expensive filling station technology, the cost contribution can be significantly reduced.


Lightweight and Cost Efficient

Due to the unique combination of shape, size, and functionality, the SFEER hydrogen cells create an energy storage device that requires significantly less raw material. The result: Less weight. Fewer costs. Higher efficiency.


More Power Due to High Energy Density

Our technology is characterized by a particularly high gravimetric and volumetric energy density and thus enables a higher storage capacity than existing high-pressure storage models or batteries.


100% Renewables

We store energy in green hydrogen – the only emission is water vapor. It doesn’t get any cleaner than that.



Our hydrogen battery is made from carbon fiber and can be used for more than 5,000 charging cycles over the life of the product.



The hydrogen battery provides constant range and performance under all weather conditions.

With the hydrogen battery, we aim to unlock an abundant and affordable source of clean energy for society.